How Did They Do It 200 Years Ago?

It is hot today!  Sure you can find some place hotter but 100 plus is hot no matter where you are.  Add the humidity of Louisiana and you have a miserable day.  It takes to well after dark to cool down in the low 80’s.  When you wake up it is warm and by noon you have a hot day.

Today many have a/c units that keep them cool.  Some less fortunate only have fans, which is like a convection oven, just pushing hot air around, when it is hot.  I am thankful to the man who invented air conditioning.

Just imagine what it was like 200 years ago before we had such a great comfort.  For years before I was able to afford a/c I would sweat all day, come home and sit in a hot house, sleep with windows open and wake up on wet sheets to start the next day.  Sure we could go somewhere to cool down and on occasion we did.  We had a taste of life before a/c.

I jumped in the pick up today and grabbed the hot steering wheel – it could burn your pinkies.  I know it was more than the proverbial 120 in the shade.  It was hot as hades.  I let down the windows and let the hot air come in and cool down the hotter air and in the same stroke turned on high the a/c.  Yes it took 3 miles to cool down the wheel but the rest of the trip was getting better.  I like this machine.

I would hear about the good old days but this is one of the good new days I want to keep.  Give me the comfort of A/C.  My wife likes washing machine, dishwashers, and A/C.  I can’t blame her.  I like lots of the new days when it comes to comforts.  We need to preserve the good of the old days and get keep the best of the new days – But that’s another story.


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