What is wrong with American business?

OK, I can’t answer that question in a couple of paragraphs.  Let me say there are many good businesses in the U.S.A..  But when I hear of some dumb things a business does I can tell you what is wrong with one of them.

Let me admit now, I read NRA magazines.  This is not bad.  It is not something I need a ten step program to ween myself off.  This is a good read.  I read mostly “America’s First Freedom”, I can find some truth and reporting I cannot find in the PC (politically correct) rags I find in my home town.

Don’t quote me on the specific facts but the story is correct the best I can remember it.  A man heard screams outside his apartment from a woman saying she had been shot.  Being the type to help he ran out of the apartment and found her shot in the leg.  He helped stop the bleeding and may have saved her leg if not her life.  A good citizen, and good samaritan.  He should be commended.  Instead he was fired from his job.  He worked as a leasing agent at those apartments.  They fired him because he took a shotgun to the scene of the shooting.  As many people would do if they heard shots had been fired he grabbed a weapon to protect himself as he went to help the woman.  Sounds smart to me.

What is wrong with a business that would be so PC they would condemn a person who was willing to help and smart enough to protect himself.  What has come over people who would fire a person for doing good.  Now you may have to think about getting involved because it may mean your life may be taken or harm could come to you that you had the means to avoid.

If I lived in Florida and rented from or was going to rent from these people I would find another place.  A company that will not give a At-A-Boy to someone who does good,  does not need to be  rewarded with cash in the form of rent.  A company who is so stupid they don’t recognize the need for self defense in a situation like this should not be rewarded with my cash in the form of rent.  Let them go broke and maybe they will wake up to the simple truth you cannot create rules that hinder common sense.

American business needs to listen to the silent majority.  The silent majority need to spend their cash with places that support what they believe in.  You can vote with your pocket book.  I like to think that I was responsible for K-Marts financial woos a few years ago.  I refused to go in their place after they stopped selling guns and hired Rosie as their spokes person.  I have not bought anything in there since and have told others why I did not go in there.  Hopefully likeminded people did the same thing.

We can change the world with our cash.  PC places can go broke and others with better values, patriotism, and common sense will take their place.

Ain’t God Good

Where else would you rather be?  Someone will give me their favorite destination.  Someone may even pick some place besides our nation.  Let’s speak broadly — I want to be Only in America.  It is obvious by our immigration problem many other people want to be here also.  I cannot think of anywhere else I want to be.  Yes we have problems, we created them:  just give me the good old U.S.A.

God has blessed us!

Forget all the problems and start looking on the bright side.

I cannot think of a place that has more freedom than this place.  There are places where just to express some of the things we write or say you are in jeopardy of life or freedom.  One of the reasons people want to get here is to experience our freedom.

I want to be here because as a nation we are among the most prosperous.  Check out how our poor live and they are better off than many  in the world.  God has blessed us.  Sure everyone wants more.  I am thankful for what I have.  I work to get more.  There is room for improvement.  Face the facts we have much.

I want to be here because I can dream.  I can dream of being freer, (more free).  I can dream of being richer.  I can dream of doing anything.  If my dreams are beat down it is because I listen to the wrong people or I let my own negative attitude destroy my dreams.

I want to be here because I can try to make my dreams come true.  Think about it – as long as I don’t attack someone and try to steal from them I can work to build my dreams.  Our history has proven that the poorest can be rich.  The lowest can be leaders.  The least can be greatest.  All they have to do is work harder than anyone else.

You may die with little.  But your dreams cannot be taken away from you.  As long as you live you can try to achieve something in the U.S.A..  God is good.  This is where I want to be!

How Did They Do It 200 Years Ago?

It is hot today!  Sure you can find some place hotter but 100 plus is hot no matter where you are.  Add the humidity of Louisiana and you have a miserable day.  It takes to well after dark to cool down in the low 80’s.  When you wake up it is warm and by noon you have a hot day.

Today many have a/c units that keep them cool.  Some less fortunate only have fans, which is like a convection oven, just pushing hot air around, when it is hot.  I am thankful to the man who invented air conditioning.

Just imagine what it was like 200 years ago before we had such a great comfort.  For years before I was able to afford a/c I would sweat all day, come home and sit in a hot house, sleep with windows open and wake up on wet sheets to start the next day.  Sure we could go somewhere to cool down and on occasion we did.  We had a taste of life before a/c.

I jumped in the pick up today and grabbed the hot steering wheel – it could burn your pinkies.  I know it was more than the proverbial 120 in the shade.  It was hot as hades.  I let down the windows and let the hot air come in and cool down the hotter air and in the same stroke turned on high the a/c.  Yes it took 3 miles to cool down the wheel but the rest of the trip was getting better.  I like this machine.

I would hear about the good old days but this is one of the good new days I want to keep.  Give me the comfort of A/C.  My wife likes washing machine, dishwashers, and A/C.  I can’t blame her.  I like lots of the new days when it comes to comforts.  We need to preserve the good of the old days and get keep the best of the new days – But that’s another story.

Our Civil Liberties

Maybe somebody missed me, I don’t know.  It has been awhile since I signed on.  I added a new phase to my life recently and it has taken a lot of time.  I hope I can keep a post on here with regularity.  This post is something I took up to vent my opinions.  My new challenge is more preventative, or better said proactive.

My new venture has required some study of law.  It is amazing how our forefathers gave us a document that has built a nation with more freedom than any country I can think of.  The hand of God guided these men to write out a constitution that framed government for more than 200 years with little change.

If we would do away with judicial law — law created by judges — and stick to our constitution;  if we would keep our federal government in check — stronger state government;  if men would uphold their oaths to protect the constitution;  if men would realize a government that can do anything for you can do anything to you: I believe that we would have a great place to live.

Before that happens we must see more people involve in the process of government.  We must get away from the mentality of saying, “the men we send to Washington,” and start thinking like these people represent me and I want someone who will look out for my interest.  When people become involved with their government they will demand things they desire: and if that does not happen they will not send them back or will recall them as needed.

(You can substitute for Washington, Baton Rouge or your state capitol, or your city or parish or county government.)

When we see things that need to be done we need to do them.  You have a moral and civic reponsibility to be involved.  Don’t complain if everything around you is turning to garbage and you do not take a stand.  If your roads are bad and you don’t call them in –don’t complain.  If you see someone breaking the law and you don’t help stop them –don’t complain about crime.  If you do something about what is happening around you you would be surprised how many others have the same concerns.

Our civil liberty is, we are the government.  If we consent to it, government will control us.  If we control government, in the mannar our forefathers set forth, we will remain free.

I Wish

I wish I could have more hours in a day.  I wish I could have more energy to do what I need to do when I don’t want to tackle it.  It would be nice to wish I was independently wealthy.  I know I have had thoughts I should have put up here, but I did not take the time to put them down.  It seems I like to have money to spend and when I have the chance I earn it.  When I get in late I don’t want to sit down and spend a hour typing and my mind often shuts down before my body does.

I am glad I live here in America where I can get ahead and I do have enough time to do more than work.  To be truthful when I have too much time I try to fill it up with something to do, which is one of the reasons I seem short on time.

I heard an old song on the tv today about waking up and not hearing about another killing or theft.  I wish I could wake up and not hear of the assualts on our way of life.  It is bad enough that we have people committing felonies to support drug habits or just out of meanness.  I wish I could wake up and not hear of our leaders who want to take away my rights, tax me more, or commit treasonous acts in times of war.  I wish I could wake up and not hear of groups of people who want to kill me and mine because their religion thinks we are the devil.

Since I have not seen the day those wishes have came true I hereby resolve to keep up the fight.  I will speak up, write and act to try to put an end to these aggressions.  Now I wish to have the strength to continue the battle.  It is time for all patriots to stand up and be counted.  Make your voices heard.  Take action when you can and support the ones who are on the front lines of the war on our way of life in America.

What is wrong with journalism?

What is wrong with modern journalism?

Last year I had my last newspaper delivered to my house.  Yes my wife fussed, she does not get the sales paper and a few recipes on Wednesday.  I got the satisfaction of not giving the liberal rag any more money.  I get on the Internet and find news and look more at what is considered illegitimate journalism. (something they did not write)

Without going to a dictionary here is my definition of some words:

Newspaper — a reporting of facts.  Telling both sides of an issue and letting readers decide the relevance of the information.

Editorial — opinion.  Everybody has one:  Sort of like navels, but what good are they but for collecting lint.

Liar — one who does not tell the truth, the whole truth, you can tell the truth but leave out the facts that will make it easy for people to make up their mind, thus creating a lie.  Courts recognize this because they make you swear to tell the whole truth.

What is wrong with journalism?  Someone who has the power to finalize the news, does not tell the whole truth.  How do I know this?  I have seen them print a editorial I sent in leaving out phrases and sentences that changed the meaning of what I wrote.  I have watched news being made and saw them leave out facts that changed the story.

If they will do this to me I know they will do it to any story that does not meet their agenda.  Take our war in Iraq, they make out that we are loosing there.  I don’t want to make light of our dead but one marker of whether you are winning or loosing is who kills the most.  I have heard reports about how many of ours die everyday, you have to look far and wide in the mainstream press to see how many of the enemy are killed.  Consider, 25 to 30 days a month we hear how bad the economy is — once or twice a month the report comes out that things are looking good and they don’t know how to print it. Do I have to remind you that anytime a gun is used in a crime it is an assault weapon.  These guys need to learn what a real assault weapon is.  Do you ever hear everytime a weapon is used to stop a crime?  It is so seldom you hear about it you are shocked to even see it.  You can finish this part with your examples.

Here is how you correct the problem with journalism.  Tell the whole truth without editorial, (your opinion)!  Maybe we will start buying your paper again.

Just so you don’t think I have no sense of humor I am including this ditty someone sent me.  There is some good points here.

. . . Everyone concentrates on the problems we’re having in this country lately;

 illegal immigration, hurricane recovery, alligators attacking people in Florida . . . Not me. I concentrate on solutions for the problems. It’s a win-win situation.+ Dig a moat the length of the Mexican border. + Send the dirt to New Orleans

to raise the level of the levies. + Put the Florida alligators in the moat along the Mexican border.

Any other problems you would like for me to solve today?
(we even have a couple of gators to send to the moat captured this week)